Opus X igars

Opus X cigars are considered one of the finest cigars in the world. The brand is known for its rich and complex flavor profiles, impeccable construction, and use of rare and aged tobaccos. Among the various Opus X cigars available in the market, there are several different kinds that cater to different tastes and preferences.

  1. Opus X Lost City

Opus X Lost City is a limited edition cigar made from rare and aged tobacco that has been grown exclusively for the Lost City project. This tobacco is grown during a time of year when the fields are usually fallow, and it is said to produce a uniquely sweet and smooth flavor. The Lost City line is highly sought after by collectors and cigar enthusiasts, and it is considered one of the most premium cigars in the Opus X range.

  1. Opus X Perfecxion

The Opus X Perfecxion line is the most popular cigar in the Opus X range. These cigars are known for their rich and complex flavor profile, with notes of leather, cedar, and spice. The Perfecxion line features several different vitolas, including the No. 2, No. 4, and No. 5. Each vitola offers a slightly different smoking experience, but they all share the same Opus X signature flavor profile.

  1. Opus X Angel’s Share

Opus X Angel’s Share cigars are made from the same rare and aged tobaccos as the other Opus X cigars, but they are aged for an additional period to mellow out the flavor. The result is a cigar that is slightly less bold than the standard Opus X line, but still incredibly complex and flavorful. The Angel’s Share line is perfect for those who prefer a milder smoke without sacrificing flavor.

  1. Opus X Fuente Fuente

Opus X Fuente Fuente is a line of cigars made exclusively from tobacco grown on the Fuente family’s Chateau de la Fuente farm. This tobacco is said to be among the finest in the world, and it is used to create a cigar with a complex flavor profile that is rich and full-bodied. The Fuente Fuente line features several different vitolas, including the No. 2, No. 5, and Perfecxion X.

  1. Opus X Oro Oscuro

Opus X Oro Oscuro is a relatively new addition to the Opus X line. These cigars are made from a unique wrapper that is dark and oily, and they offer a flavor profile that is bold and full-bodied. The Oro Oscuro line is perfect for those who prefer a stronger smoke with a more robust flavor profile.

In conclusion, the Opus X brand offers a range of different cigars to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. From the sweet and smooth flavor of the Lost City line to the bold and full-bodied flavor of the Oro Oscuro, there is an Opus X cigar for every smoker. No matter which Opus X cigar you choose, you can be assured of the brand’s commitment to excellence and dedication to using only the finest, rarest, and aged tobaccos to create the ultimate smoking experience.