Habanos announces the release of three limited editions

Habanos announces the release of three limited editions

Last week, we privileged an online Habanos event, replacing the traditional Habanos festival normally held in Cuba around February.

The resources made available for this event were up to our expectations. The year 2021 had been announced as the Cohiba year, in honour of the 55th anniversary of the iconic brand, and we were not disappointed. Indeed, not too surprisingly, of the three Edicion limitada announced during the week, the Edicion Limitada 55 anniversario Cohiba was the star.

The Cohiba 55 aniversario is a 150 × 57 parejo cigar known as “Victoria”. It will be sold in boxes of 10, manufactured from tobacco at least two years old.


Differentiating itself from other Edición Limitada, the cigar holds a third ring that recalls the brand’s 55ᵉ anniversary in beautiful gold writing on a black background.

The second Edición Limitada announced during the Habanos Festival is from the brand Hoyo de Monterrey. The limited edition No. 4 measures 145 mm x 55, a module known as the Maravillas, No. 4. This puro is also made of tobacco aged for more than two years and will be sold in boxes of 10 cigars.

The latest Edicón Limitada presented during Habanos World days is the Bolivar Regentes which measures 130mm x52, a module known as discretos. Unlike the other two, this edition will be sold in boxes of 25. Like the other two editions, the tobaccos in this cigar are two years old.

Historically, we know that Edición Limitada are more likely to be released in the year of their announcement, unlike most new Cuban cigars for which the waiting times are often prolonged. However, there is no guarantee that we will see these cigars on our shelves before the end of the year considering that the Edicíon Limitada announced in 2020, “Partagas Legado” is still not available.

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