Release of the Davidoff Dominicana line

Davidoff is proud to announce the release of the Davidoff Dominicana Limited Release, a new line of cigars as vibrant and exhilarating as the Dominican Republic itself. A cigar made exclusively from vintage tobacco that will surprise you with a rich taste experience, always with the same elegance, signature of the brand.

The brand pursues its mission by creating the most remarkable smoking experience possible. Market leader, Davidoff is launching a line whose vintage tobacco blends create a unique tasting experience, evoking the very essence of a colorful Dominican culture.

“The Davidoff brand is entirely devoted to its manufacture of refined and high-end cigars. Honoring our heritage, we have created the Dominicana line which reflects the vitality and Dominican culture in all its colors. In order to accomplish this considerable task, our master blenders combined five varieties of Dominican tobacco with an Ecuadorian sub-wrapper, completing the creation with a Dominican wrapper Yamasá H-133, the latter having been used in the making of the Puro d line. ‘oro which is no longer on the market. We are delighted to have succeeded in developing a cigar that combines the complexity of vintage aromas with the sweetness and elegance of the “white Band” collection which captures in a cigar all the Dominican joie de vivre. The Davidoff dominicanatestifies not only to the excellence and expertise of our brand in its craftsmanship, while attesting to the size of our collection of vintage tobaccos. The dominicana tobacco, harvested in 2014, has been carefully aged for more than six years, until it is mixed in this cigar, testifying to all the daring behind our vintage offers. Indeed, this cigar emphasizes what sets Davidoff apart in the market, and is rightly appreciated and valued by aficionados around the world, witnesses of our tireless efforts to always satisfy our customers with unique proposals. ” says Edward Simon, Head of Marketing Department at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

An extraordinary tasting experience 

The Davidoff Dominicanaoffers a refined and rich experience, adding to the portfolio of cigars that feature the now iconic white ring. The dominicana is crowned with a “pigtail” at the end, which underlines the extraordinary skills of the brand’s torcedors. At its foot, a golden ring that reveals the year of harvest of these tobacco. In order to acquire the vibrant sensation in taste, of what lies at the origin of Dominican culture, Davidoff’s master blenders opened the tobacco safes to demonstrate the brand’s boldness. The blends of these tobaccos over six years old offer a range of complex and particularly pleasant flavors. The first third seduces with notes of fresh spices brought by the Yamasa Visus tobacco tripe complemented by touches of black pepper and oak. The second third offers creamy notes carrying aromas of leather and chocolate. The last third concludes the tasting with flavors of dried fruits combined with aromas of oak and spices. The aging process of this 2014 harvest allows for an incomparable smoke experience.

Limited availability on a range of three formats with special packaging 

Faithful to the promise of impeccable craftsmanship, the Davidoff Dominicana line will be available to aficionados while the stock of vintage tobacco that constitutes it is exhausted. To ensure the cigars arrive in top condition while optimizing flavor development, the cigars were rolled 12 months prior to the release of the line. This period of final maturation ensures a moment of happiness for all aficionados who choose to taste one of these exclusive cigars. The line consists of three formats adapted to individual preferences: a Toro, a Robusto and a Robusto short. The vitolas are arranged in boxes of ten, in packaging that emphasizes the mixture of vintage tobacco with a sticker. 

  • Cape: Hybrid 257 Dominican Republic
  • Undercoat: Hybrid 151 from Ecuador
  • Tripe: San Vicente Visus, San Vicente Mejorado Seco, Piloto Visus, Dominican Corojo 99, Seco and Yamasá Visus of the Dominican Republic


  • Toro: RG 54 x 6 “/ Ø 2.2 cm x 15.2 cm
  • Robusto: RG 52 x 5 1/8 “/ Ø 2.1 cm x 13 cm
  • Robusto shorts: RG 50 x 4 “/ Ø 2 cm x 10.2 cm


From May 2021, the Davidoff Dominicana Limited Release line will be available for aggregate stores.

About Oettinger Davidoff

The Davidoff Oettinger group is a family institution whose origins date back to 1875. Thus, with sales reaching 450 million Swiss francs and 3,100 employees around the world, the company still considers itself to be a family heritage today. . Davidoff is dedicated to both the production, distribution and marketing of premium cigars. International distributor of premium quality brands such as Davidoff, Avo, Camacho, Cusano, Griffin’s, Private Stock, Zino and Zino Platinum, the Oettinger Davidoff group is also agent for a multitude of brands in many countries like Haribo for Switzerland. The company’s approach is deeply rooted in a philosophy of integration, managing all the parameters from the harvest to the arrival in the store of the products.

Limited availability 

The brand states that the line will be produced while stocks last from the 2014 tobacco harvest used in this blend.

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